About the Mann

Here is a blog that has been developed for Bruiser Mann.  Bruiser has had a very interesting life and with it comes a lot of interesting stories about himself as well as people that he has met (or will meet).  A lot of us have been trying to get Bruiser to express these “adventures” so therefore we have created “Bruiser’s Blog”.

Bruiser’s career has been an exciting story as well starting from being in the air cargo business while working for Flying Tigers to being a part of a retail chain’s start-up and now becoming a very active member in the automotive remarketing business.  So hopefully Bruiser will write about some of his adventures and people that he meets along his journey to retiring in Australia.  We hope that you will feel free to write about a few ways tha Bruiser has touched you as well. bruiser-and-joan-dec-2006



  1. I just recently got back from Singapore as well as Australia and was very surprised as how each other handles their automotive remarketing. As I understand it in Singapore that the reason that you don’t see cars older than four years old is that the tax that is imposed on them becomes higher than it would than to buy a new car. It is a very interesting thought.

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